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Discover the life you want to live and how to live it


Are you:

  • Successful but frustrated and unhappy in you current career?
  • Full of ideas but unsure how to make them happen?
  • A Mum, who wants an autonomous and fulfilling career, that allows you to live the life you want to live now.

If the answer is yes to any of these, then the time has come explore what you want, what you need and what you aspire to in your ideal career.

As a fully-qualified coach, I know how to help you unlock the answers to these questions. As a Licensed Firework Career Coach, I have a unique toolkit that’s been tried and tested to coach people, at a career crossroads, to identify an exciting and viable career direction.

Together, we’ll explore what you’re brilliant at, your purpose and passion, and uncover the life you want to live and how to start living it.

My warm and intuitive approach will help you realise your potential and affirm your confidence. My clients find the process enjoyable and motivating – read what they say here.



Have you ever found yourself envying people who are fulfilled and motivated by their job? It’s not luck or chance – they’re in careers that reflect who they really are, using their favourite skills in an environment that reflects their values and strengths.

Firework Coaching, I believe, provides the most intuitive way to explore all your ideas (even the crazy-sounding ones), your skills, motivators and ideals. We’ll work out what makes you happy and fulfilled in life and how this can be a core part of the work you do.

As your career coach, I will:

  • constructively challenge your thinking
  • guide you to see things in a different way
  • help you make discoveries about yourself
  • find out what really motivates you
  • discover opportunities you’ve not considered before
  • listen, allowing you to share your thoughts
  • help you creatively and resourcefully explore possibilities
  • support you in making the changes

My approach is flexible and tailored to your exact requirements. You’ll walk away with an action plan and a clear vision of what’s achievable.


As a product of Generation X, I believed that success was a career in a large organisation, a fancy job title and a lot of money. So I worked long, hard hours in fast-paced, dynamic organisations, and thought I’d achieved all that I set out to.

But every so often there were nagging doubts – was this it? Was I happy?

When I became a mum a couple of years ago, my priorities and my definition of success became very different.

So I altered my course, I became a Licensed Firework Coach, utilising this unique career coaching toolkit alongside the extensive Coaching experience I’d gained in my 10 years in Fashion and Digital businesses, I set up my own business focusing on Career and Leadership coaching.

I have failed. I have succeeded. Having overcome these challenges in life, and focusing on moving forward, has strengthened my abilities as a Coach.

I love helping people to discover what they are brilliant at and how they can make a happy living from it.

I’m a member of the Association for Coaching and CIPD qualified and have gained a wealth of business experience from working in fast-growth, dynamic and entrepreneurial businesses.