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Discover how to be a Leader who helps people and business flourish


Do you want to:

  • lead and inspire a team of people?
  • learn the skills of a strong leader ?
  • build a strong pipeline of future leaders?
  • deal with disruption and change and fast-growth?

Many people in creative, digital and entrepreneurial businesses are abound with good ideas, but diffusing their passion among their team can be a challenge. Good leaders are visionaries with great people skills – and these are qualities that can be learnt.

The experience I’ve gained working with truly talented entrepreneurs, business leaders and creative talent gives me the insight into what makes a strong leader – both culturally and commercially. I’ll help you develop these skills to achieve strong growth, sustainable results and an authentic approach, aligned to your purpose and values to create happy and inspirational environment for your people and business to flourish in.



Understanding how your leadership style influences those around you ultimately affects your financial results. By diffusing your passion and uniting your team around a common vision, purpose and values you’ll create an enjoyable workplace, an energised team, that generates innovative results. The good news is that motivating your team and creating the next generation of leaders to drive results and embrace your values are skills that can be practised, learnt and sustained.


The more senior you are in an organisation, the more important one-to-one development is. It gives you the headspace to speak freely about your personal challenges and focus on what you really need to change and develop.

If you want to spark an innovative culture and strong results, you need to invest in challenging and developing your own leadership approach.

My mentoring and development plans are born of recent coaching experience with leaders across a range of creative and digital businesses. See how I achieved this here.

Developing leadership teams

Organisations can suffer growing pains when the leadership team is too caught up in the speed of growth and has no time to focus on the future. I have experience of working at board level of fast-paced fashion and digital businesses whose pace of change was phenomenal. Keeping a united clear vision and strategy during these times is key and I will show you how to achieve this balance.

Developing your leaders of the future

Growing your own talent provides you with a pipeline of strong leaders who share your values and help drive business success as you continue to expand and grow.

I can show you how developing leadership skills within your team today is the key to gaining competitive edge and a future-proofed business model.


I passionately believe that businesses led by authentic, inspirational leaders are the businesses that innovate, succeed and grow. But as organisations keep pace with disruptive technological change, the complexity of people leadership increases. Talented people want to be challenged, to experiment and have the freedom to get results in their own way.

My Experience

I’ve always instinctively understood that happy talented people thrive in cultures of freedom, the result of which is innovative successful businesses.

I gained experience of both cultural and commercial leadership in the fashion industry. At TopShop, one of the most successful fast-fashion youth brands, I was able to unleash my ideas and actions to drive innovation to maintain competitive edge.

When I was part of the team who took ASOS.com from being a fashion copycat to the world’s largest digital fashion business, I designed a people strategy around our culture and value system, thus retaining a pioneering spirit at its core.

Developing inspirational leaders was a key part of accelerating business growth.

It wasn’t all plain sailing! Fast-growth businesses can be very challenging environments that test your character and your adaptability. Having overcome these challenges strengthened my ability to help others develop into authentic leaders.