“I can honestly say it is money 100% well spent.”

“I found Andrea to be an incredibly motivating and empathetic coach that took me on an amazing journey.

After a few sessions I found the courage to take voluntary redundancy from a job I had been in 20 years and walked straight into another job, starting the next day. Andrea’s listening skills are exceptional hence she feeds back very clear and concise information, this helps you to find your true potential.

I can honestly say it is money 100% well spent.”

Deborah Michael


“After 10 years of working and spinning multiple plates both inside and outside of work I was finding it difficult to focus on my own strategic goals. My aim in working with AKA Success was to gain clarity on what I wanted to achieve in my working life and to plan how to get there.

Andrea’s measured and flexible approach was exactly what I needed to help me collect my thoughts and systematically formulate my own list of personal objectives.”

November 2014


“Despite strong growth in my software business I felt really frustrated by the amount of time I was spending on the operational side and I was also out of the office a lot meeting clients. I could tell that my team were becoming demotivated even though on paper we were doing very well.

When an MD friend of mine recommended Andrea’s one-to-one coaching service I was initially skeptical – how could somebody who’s not in my industry understand my particular challenges?

I’ve been working with Andrea now for over a year and it’s already made a huge difference. I was able to speak honestly about my challenges and focus on the few really important aspects that needed improvement. Andrea has helped me extract myself from the operational side of the business, which has given me time to think more strategically.

I’ve been able to build a leadership team between myself and my developers and also maintain and reinforce the ethos and culture of the business as we grow.”

Kieran Bentham, Managing Director, Dataphiles


“Andrea is passionate and committed, over the last 4 years of working together she has been instrumental in transforming the recruitment, learning and development activities within Asos.

Andrea has overseen the recruitment of in excess 600 talented people who have driven our business forward while helping to maintain our culture of honesty, openness and engagement. It is fair to say that without Andrea on-board, Asos would not be where it is today………”

Rob Bready, Product & Trading Director, ASOS.com


“Andrea is energetic, empathetic, articulate and has remained, in the face of incredible pace and change at ASOS, calm and level headed throughout. Andrea is also very kind and honest, which is always refreshing in a professional environment. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Andrea for any People/HR/Coaching work, 1-2-1 or in Teams and from Junior up to C-Level colleagues.”

James Hart, eCommerce Director, ASOS.com


“Andrea has great vision as a leader of the people team, and makes commitments happen. She has an engaging personality and passion that would be a credit in any business, both large and small.. I would love to work with Andrea again.”

Gwynn Milligan, Merchandising Director, ASOS.com